Southeast Portland Community Kitchen Tool Library

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Southeast Portland Community Kitchen Tool Library




The Idea

Going beyond the neighborly cup of sugar, community members are developing the SE Portland Community Kitchen Tool Library, a place where anyone can borrow tools and share in the joy of processing, preserving, and serving food. This will make our community a more equitable, sustainable place to live.

The Specifics

In the picture, you will note that our kitchen tools are currently made out of paper. A thousand dollars would help us buy equipment that we cannot otherwise get donated. We would like to offer dehydrators, cider presses, ice-cream makers, grains mills, canning equipment, pressure cookers, and more!

We hope to grow the library into a community-supported kitchen where we can share our culinary skills, nourish our bodies with healthy local food, and collaborate on difficult or intensive projects.

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Kitchen equipment and cooking skills are fantastic things to share! As a local in SE Portland, I'm really excited about using this resource and helping people in other communities to start their own.

by lerobo
over 2 years ago | Reply

I think that the SE Kitchen tool library is an awesome idea. we need so many things related to Kitchen tools, and you only need them for a few times a year if at all. With the tool library my house has been provided with so many essential things for us, and expanding this into kitchen tools is very cool of an idea. Kim Hack and Robyn happen to be great people who I know and see as my personal friends, they will be very good coordinators who have a lot of energy and will be great at organizing things. My hope is that this takes off and accomplishes all ithey have started to plan. yea kitchen tools

by mitchtastic
over 2 years ago | Reply


by AnnaS
over 2 years ago | Reply

Yes, looking forward to seeing this come to fruition. Good luck!

by Bobhat262
over 2 years ago | Reply

I'm feeling inspired. What an idea! What can I do to help?

by kevred
over 2 years ago | Reply

I love this idea--a place where I could borrow kitchen equipment AND a community resource where I can cook with and learn from my neighbors.

by dianadeumling
over 2 years ago | Reply

I'm excited to see this project get off the ground. Sharing these kitchen tools as community resources will help make cooking, preserving and eating delicious healthy food more affordable, and connecting neighbors to share skills and build community is a huge bonus.

by jocelyn.furbush
over 2 years ago | Reply

What a great way for folks to unite- over food! I'd like to borrow a dehydrator. And maybe learn how to pickle :)

by kimberlymeadowhack
over 2 years ago | Reply

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