Midway Tool Lending Library: green alleys and gardens

idea by MNMidway Greening
Midway Tool Lending Library: green alleys and gardens




The Idea

A successful pilot 'Green Alley' event in 2010 has encouraged Midway neighbors to begin forming a Tool Lending Library. Many higher cost tools such as the Weed Wrench are perfect for sharing since they are needed for short periods. The Weed Wrench removes weed trees without the need for herbicides.

The Specifics

The neighbors of the Hamline Midway see our pilot 'Green Alley' event and our soon-to-be-formed 'Local Food Gardening Hub' are a means to facilitate community building and sustainability within our built environment. Our pilot 'Green Alley' project engaged nearly 40 volunteers and 4 trucks toting 10 loads of brush to composting over a 5 hour period. This event required lots of tools, including the efficient, durable, but expensive, Weed Wrench. Shared community tools such as the Weed Wrench form the basis for more community engagement and provide a nexus for neighbor making. With this grant award, the Midway neighborhood will secure garden/food production tools, set-up a tool lending library and host more community greening events.

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This was a great community building activity - lots of neighbors got to talk to each other for the first time!

by fkrogstad
over 2 years ago | Reply

This idea makes so much sense - and will save neighbors money that they can use for other beautification and place-making projects - native plants, front-yard gardens, rain gardens, etc. Can't wait to see this idea become a reality!

by aksireland
over 2 years ago | Reply

I am still in awe of the transformation in the alley! I hope to be part of another event!

by Epavlics
over 2 years ago | Reply

this event was a first for me to see . I was there watching my grandchildren and the work they did was fantastic. I was truely impressed. They took a before picture and after. what a wonderful difference and for the good,

by givinglove
over 2 years ago | Reply

To learn more about weed wrenches checkout http://www.weedwrench.com/weedwrench/how_to_use_weed_wrench.cfm.

by MNMidway Greening
over 2 years ago | Reply

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